NEW!... Sanghabuild's Mindful Living Community in Athens, Greece

Dear friends, over the last few months, we have established an intentional mindfulness community of European volunteers to help respond to the ongoing refugee and economic crisis in Greece. Please enjoy the articles thus far about our adventures and experiment of service as a community.

More International Mindfulness Practice Communities

Visited, Photographed, and Told by Sanghabuild

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Our 2017-2018 Mindfulness World Tour Itinerary


April 31 – May 8

May 9 – June 8: 

June 13 – 27:

June 27 – 30:

July 7 – 9:

July 12 – 16:

July 16 – 23:

July 23 – Aug 3:

August 4 – 19:

August 20 – 24:

August 24 – Sept 5:

September 6 – 19:

September 6 – 13:

October – Jan 23:


Jan 25 – Feb 5:  









Morning Sun Community, NH, USA

Intersein-Zentrum, Bavaria, Germany

Avalokita, Italy

Meppel Mindful Community, Netherlands

Friends’ House Nooitgedacht, Netherlands

Wake Up Retreat in Netherlands

The Monkies, in Schiedam, Netherlands

Wake Up Eikpunt, Njimegen, Netherlands

Int’l Wake Up Retreat, Plum Village, France

West Hamlet Lay Community, Plum Village

Wake Up Freiburg House, Germany

London Wake Up House, UK

London Mindfulness Hub ‘Retreat’, UK

Volunteering in Greece with Refugees


Wake Up Retreat @ Dharma Gaia, NZ

Dharma Gaia, New Zealand

Wake Up Sydney, Australia

Mountain Lamp Community, WA, USA

Wake Up Hub in Ukiah, CA, USA

San Diego Wake Up House, CA, USA

Mindful Society Conference, Toronto, CAN

Morning Sun Community, NH USA


April:   Morning Sun Community, New Hampshire, USA

May:   Intersein-Zentrum, Lower Bavaria, Germany

June 13 – 27:  Avalokita, Italy

June 27 – July 2:   Meppel Mindfulness Community, Netherlands

July:   Wake Up “House” at Eikpunt Community, Nijmegen, Netherlands

July 12 – 16:   Wake Up Retreat in Netherlands

Aug 4 – 19:   International Wake Up Retreat, Plum Village, France

August 20 – 24:   West Hamlet Lay Community, Plum Village, France

August 24 – Sept 5:   Wake Up Freiburg House, Germany

September 6 – 19: London Wake Up House 

September 6 – 12: London Mindfulness Hub ‘Retreat’

October – Jan 24:   Volunteering in Greece, Syrian Refugee Camps


Jan 25 – Feb 5:   Wake Up Retreat @ Dharma Gaia, New Zealand

February:   Dharma Gaia Community, New Zealand

December – Jan 1:   Wake Up Sydney 

February:   Mountain Lamp Community, Washington, USA

Feb – March:   Wake Up Hub in Ukiah, California, USA

March:   San Diego Wake Up House, California, USA

April:   Florida Community of Mindfulness, USA

April:   Morning Sun Mindfulness Community, USA

Coming Soon to a Community Near You!!  (We hope)….

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