An Online Community of Sanghabuilders

We are online community of Sanghabuilders who can share experiences, insights, hurdles, support, and most importantly, our authentic personal experiences of building our beloved community. There are two main purposes for Sanghabuild:

Mindfulness Communities World Tour

Mindfulness practitioners are building community all over the world, and we have so much to learn from each other! Read the stories and feel inspired by how people are building communities of peace and compassion in their neck of the woods. Or share the gems that you’ve found while carving out Sangha caves of refuge for others. People share about

  • Creating a New Sangha
  • What Do You Wish You Knew Before Starting a Sangha?
  • Facilitating Sangha
  • Nurturing the Core Members
  • Taking Sanghas to Next Level
  • And Whatever Else Inspires your Sanghabuilding Journey!

Interactive Forum for Sanghabuilders Worldwide

Intentional mindfulness communities are places of refuge are where people and families can live or visit, and learn the art of cultivating more inner peace, understanding, harmony of relationships, and compassionate engagement in society. These communities offer a different model of living, one that is more focused on the needs of the Earth and each other, and less on materialism and consumption.

For the past several years, it has been our dream to visit, document, and share with the world how these communities were developed, overcome challenges, and thrive in teaching people mindfulness. We will share our research findings through photos, video, articles, and a book, so that others can learn about and replicate these models themselves. Please support us in sharing this treasure of community with the world!