Our Mission

For the past several years, it has been our dream to visit, document, and share with the world how mindfulness centers and communities have developed, overcome challenges, and thrive in society. We share our research findings through photos, video, articles, and a book, so that others can learn about and replicate these models themselves. 

Mindfulness Touring Superstars

Curiosity about Community 95%
Compassionate Motivation 98%
Sangha Love 100%
Dedication 99%
Creative Inspiration 93%

Who Are These Characters?

A Bit More About Each of Us

David Viafora

At 39, David spends half his life on the road offering retreats, romancing Sanghas, and teaching other humans how to regain contact with the miracle of life. The year’s other half, he’s at home with best friends and steadily building an up-and-coming world class retreat center known as MorningSun, an adolescent community of all-star practitioners growing at hormonal speed. David spent about four years going for full enlightenment in Plum Village Monastery, but after slipping off the robe, he found blue jeans and long hair a more stylish path to happiness. Since 24 years old, he’s started half a dozen local mindfulness communities, several which are still thriving today, and mentors young adult mindfulness facilitators across the US.

Vanessa Loucky

Since 2013, Vanessa began a daily mindfulness practice while working and living abroad in Thailand, and has since been committed to building mindfulness communities in the U.S. She has co-founded and led mindfulness based groups including for young adults. In 2016, Vanessa joined an 8 month residential internship at Deer Park Monastery. With a passion for human rights, humanitarian service and extensive international experience, Vanessa is dedicated to building community and helping those in most need.

Some Different Sides of Us...