Imagine if you were visiting all of the lay practice residential communities around the world in our tradition, and you could ask each community just one or two questions….
What would your question be?! 

Hello Worldwide Friends,

As you may guessed or read about, my partner, Vanessa Loucky and I are traveling this year to all of the lay practice residential communities around the world in the Plum Village Buddhist tradition. Our intention is to bring more understanding, discussions, and insight as to what it takes to create, grow, overcome challenges, and live happily together in mindfulness-based intentional communities. And several of these are young adult communities too, stemming out of Wake Up! (an international movement of young adults building mindfulness communities).

We want to bring your curiosity, questions, and partnership with us on this journey!
Our aspiration for this journey is to travel with the curiosity and heart of our Sangha (especially our readers!) as we research communities and share the findings with our greater community.

We would love to hear what questions you would like for us to ask these residential communities we visit. What are you questions, aspirations, or needs for living in an intentional community? 

We already have an initial set of questions, but we don’t want to influence others’ authentic questions and needs with ours. Please keep in mind that the 14 or so communities that we visit this year are a diverse array of Wake Up Houses, long established practice centers, smaller retreat centers with residents, larger practice communities, and everywhere in between.

Looking forward to hearing where your curiosity takes us!

– David and Vanessa