Wake Up Athens Video

Greece Sangha Service in Action...

We are excited to share our first video of our Greece Sangha Service Project!

We are a group of 15 international friends practicing mindfulness, who met in Plum Village mindfulness center in the summer, and share the common aspiration to cultivate peace in the world by bringing our presence, thoughtfulness and care to every interaction. We felt a strong calling to come to Athens together in order to listen and learn, and to offer our support and compassion to a country that currently faces both a refugee and an economic crisis.

Here is our unfolding story... 

Thanks to your generous donations so far, we reached our initial goal and are now crowdfunding for phase two of the project!

Help us reach our new goal of 200%!

The funds raised will be overseen by a committee consisting of members of our community of mindful volunteers. Together, we have been envisioning long-term projects which will have positive and sustainable impacts upon the well-being of the most vulnerable populations in Greece. 

We wholeheartedly invite you to support our project!

Please support Our Mindfulness Service Project in Greece!

Thank you!!!

The History of Intersein - A Dharma Talk by Karl Riedl

During our four week immersion at Intersein Center for Mindful Living, we were so curious to learn the history behind this impressive long-standing lay practice center. So we asked Founders Karl and Helga Riedl to share with us from the beginning the making of Intersein and how it all begin. They generously agreed, offering a Dharma talk to the entire community at Intersein and how the seeds of their practice started in Plum Village.

Please enjoy this rich and fascinating history in the words of Dharma Teacher Karl Riedl . . .