July 28, 2016

Orientation has just ended for the Wake Up retreat here, as we begin this four day campout retreat on the majestic land of Morning Sun. We will use much of the 240 acres, to hike, build bonfires, swim, have discussion groups on the edge of ponds, mindfully walk as a community through forests meadows.

What a treat it was to arrive on Monday, three days before we begin the Wake Up retreat, which precedsd the Family retreat a week later. I’ve been surprised that we’ve worked so little in the last few days! We’ve worked a few hours in the monring, and I cooked dinner for this opening night. But the biggest intention for the staff is to hold a solid and fresh container of deep practice, attention, and support for the many young adults arriving. That is our biggest contribution! And done enough to beautifully set up things at the same time.

Since arriving on Monday, it’s been a glorious display of nature and community. Or rather I should say, community within this nature preserve. So far, every morning we meditate together at 7am, followed by yoga together. This is my new favorite practice… resting until 7am meditation! Brilliant, I say! Why not be fully rested and awake throughout the day after a long and satisfying rest into the early morning.

What I’ve enjoyed so much is that the atmosphere is so intimate here during our staffing retreat. Each day, we spend so much time together, among the 6 of staffing and with the teachers. Michael and Fern have been so present every day, sharing themselves with so much care, brightness, and affection for all of us here. And with just 8 of us in total, it feels like we have known each other and been building bonds for weeks, if not months already, during this time.

After our silent breakfast each day, we gather for a short dharma talk and read two or three few mindfulness trainings. Then we discuss among the 8 of us the significance of the trainings to our lives, and share our reflections and understanding of the dharma talk. It’s been such a delight to begin the day in this way, focusing on the dharma and nourishing our minds from the get-go. We prioritize this first, before beginning working medtiation. Isn’t this the proper order of our ideals… beginning the day with meditation, breakfast, and study of the dharma… before launching into work and goal orientated matters?

After our “dharma study”, we head into a work meeting and take care of various tasks and projects around the community, such as staining outdoor furniture, watering the gardens, mowing grass, cooking lunch, and cleaning the facilities. We’re encouraged to work in a spirit of love and joyous contribution for our community, as our highest collective intention is to build an energy of love in the environment at Morning Sun. We are invited to take a break and rest for a bit if we overwhelmed or exhausted and fall out of that spirit. For myself, such encouragements, give me more energy to put my heart and sweat into the tasks at hand.

Just after working meditation we have lunch at the pond, or on a small hill just overlooking the pond, where we are covered by the shade of pines and decidious trees.

After dinner together, some of us head for a swim in Blueberry pond, which is the closest one, just adjacent to the community center. What a more pleasant way to wash away the day’s sweat, and play with each other to end our day. Then, we gather again at 8pm for an evening meditation in the meditation hall, as we bring our day to full circle, in contemplative stillness together.