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Our Mission: To Help Build Communities of Peace

Now more than ever, our world desperately needs more communities that can teach people ways to transform their suffering, and the suffering in their families, society and our world. Yet little is known about intentional mindfulness communities. These places of refuge are where people and families can live or visit, and learn the art of cultivating more inner peace, understanding, harmony of relationships, and compassionate engagement in society. These communities offer a different model of living, one that is more focused on the needs of the Earth and each other, and less on materialism and consumption.

For the past several years, it has been our dream to visit, document, and share with the world how these communities were developed, overcome challenges, and thrive in teaching people mindfulness. We will share our research findings through photos, video, articles, and a book, so that others can learn about and replicate these models themselves. Please support us in sharing this treasure of community with the world!

Why Community Matters:

We have heard so many young people say, “I wish to live in community”. Young people are hungry for communities that teach peace, joyful living, and compassionate engagement in our world. In order to build mindfulness communities, we need to learn how the those around the world are already doing it! Several of these communities exist in North America, Europe, and Oceania, and we are ready to document their development.

Our Dream

“Ever since I began practicing mindfulness in a monastery, I have dreamed of creating a thriving intentional mindfulness community for lay practitioners, where people can live while practicing mindfulness together harmoniously, and share this gift with so many others.” – David

A Vote of Trust and Confidence for Us!

We received an initial grant to cover some of our travel expenses to different communities. Thank you Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation for your vote of confidence and trust in us!!!

“We vow to be worthy of your trust, to practice wholeheartedly”

It Takes a Community- Why Your Support Matters

Now, it will take the support of you, our beloved community, to help us succeed in supporting this project we have been called to embark upon. With your support, we will be able to travel to and document intentional mindfulness communities internationally, allowing everyone the opportunity to understand how they have succeeded. This will help others to further build communities in their own regions. Research is a foundation for replicating success, including: best methods of practice, inspirational stories of community development, and overcoming challenges – this will help pave the path for new communities to be born!

Our children and grandchildren will thank us for future communities that we help create….